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Breeding quality Border Collies excelling in herding, agility, service, and as therapy and family dogs.

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Welcome to our website and I’m honored that you are considering the purchase of a puppy from us.

Please go through the website thoroughly as almost all questions I’m asked have been answered and we update quite often. For each of our dogs, on their individual pages, you will find their full pedigree, photo section, health panels, and photos of some of their litters. 

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Absolute Dogs is the perfect follow up as they have developed a development program from puppy (Pups to Perfection is a great video) to adulthood and can be used at any age and really helps with rescued animals as well. 

This approach to development can and should include all family members, even the youngest ones and it is positive for any job you have for your dog as these games build confidence, sensibly, builds calm, encourages excitement for learning tasks, and really ensures consistency by removing the fear reactions and wasted energy distracted dogs suffer from. 

Our Commitment

Our goal is to ensure every life we bring into being, be it colt or pup, that these precious lives be prepared for the world beyond our Montana ranch. The pups from birth to six weeks are handled daily and stimulated by a series of gentle movements that build up stress response to the point that by six weeks the pups are able to handle change in environment, noise levels, sudden moves and the activity of ranch life with total aplomb. The dogs are exposed to the noise and constant activity of ranch life, visitors and family. Our grandchildren are major helpers in the desensitizing of the pups, their socialization and of course being showered with love and gentle handling. Our ranch has regular visits by elk, deer, bear, coyotes nightly, Sand Hill cranes, eagles, and the cattle and horses are pastured within 20 feet of the puppy play yard.

Available Puppies

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Meet Pete! This handsome, prince can’t wait to venture off to his new home.

Hi! I’m Dave, the keeper of all squeaky toys. If it’s on the floor, I own it.

My name is Mike and am unique in that I have blue eyes. I’m lovable, fun, and healthy too!

Our Satisfied Customers

Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much we love Frio (Texas x Jen – 1st litter)! She has brought a lot of fun to us. Her and my son Cole have a bond and play for hours together.

Janet Renolds

Togo is 7 1/2 weeks old now, home with us and growing so fast! He is such a wonderful pup – easy-going, confident, good-natured, and oh-so-loving! Smart as a whip too! He is learning his name, to come when called, and leave-it – and is doing very well! Those razor-sharp teeth though…. ???? Huge kudos to his amazing breeder Delia Border Collies Pups for giving him such a solid foundation and setting him (and all her pups!) up for success!

Duke Blankenship

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